27 June 2024 Bangkok, Thailand

The International Conference on GoldenZone Wellness 2024 

Wellness in the World of Disparity

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Bangkok, Thailand


27 June 2024

The International Conference on GoldenZone Wellness (ICGW) 2022 is based on the theme “Ultimate Wellness: Longevity, Healthiness and Happiness”.  The objectives of this conference are to review desirable outcomes of long life and discuss the direction of centenarian research and policy in order to develop knowledge and ways in which to improve the quality of life of the most elderly people. These issues require cooperation from leaders and thinkers from government, business and people sectors in research, discussion, and learning in order to seek innovative ways to prepare people, systems and contexts to deal with more problems and challenges.

About The Event Organizer

About Nation-Building Institute International (NBII)


NBII aims to be the world’s leading institute on nation-building and an independent think tank that focuses on regional governance and strategic political-socio-economic development toward a civilized nation.

NBII’s mission has been to engage the nation’s leaders of the public, private and civil sectors in order to

  • Instil nation-building ideology, concepts and strategies needed for the sustainable development of the country toward a nation of civility, and
  • To effectuate real social impact on a national level.

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Welcoming Remarks

Opening Address

Keynote Address

Photo Session

Morning Sessions

Session 1: Genetic Disparities and Wellness: Understanding the Intersection



Afternoon Sessions

GoldenZone Wellness Index

Keynote Address

Session 2: Lifestyle and Wellness: Addressing Disparities through Health Behavior Change

Keynote Address

Session 3: Community Approaches to Wellness: Empowering Individuals and Promoting Equity
Session 4: Improving Healthcare System and Healthcare Policy for Wellness: Creating Environments for Equity

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Conference Venue:
Kompass Campus, 789 Bangna-Trad Km.15

Tel: +669 6395 3272 , +66 2711 7474 , 092-513-2795

Email: ICGW2023@gmail.com

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